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Welcome to Maxi Ranch, located in Botswana, Africa, along the fabled Limpopo river, with water frontage, and cozy cabin lodgings, barbecue, kitchen, hunting, wildlife viewing, bird watching and conference facilities. Our ranch features wild Southern African Antelopes such as Impala, Kudu, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Eland, Gemsbok, Bushbuck, Steenbuck, Duiker, Sable, Nyala to name a few as well as Giraffe, Zebra, Warthogs & the elusive Leopard. Our guides are available to take you on an adventure of thrills with our all-terrain vehicles. We take pride in providing our guests with the best experience possible. We offer comfortable accommodation and a chance to see some of the most beautiful wildlife in Africa. Our team is dedicated to making your stay unforgettable. 

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